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Jesus Tells Stories

Jesus loved telling stories. Let's see what we can learn from Him today!

Bite Sized Bible Stories

Join us for a little show and tell! These videos include a simple object lesson and a brief animated Bible story that is just right for kids of any age. PLUS - you might just catch a glimpse of our friendly beagle, LOLA!

Our NEWEST lesson series is updated monthly. You can get them sent right to your inbox by signing up for our newsletter.

You can also find crafts and games to go with these stories for a complete Sunday School lesson at home!

Jesus Teaches Us

Jesus has lots to teach us! What are some some things we can think about?

The Lord's Prayer

Jesus' friends wanted to know how to pray! This is what He taught them.

You can print our special "Lord's Prayer Map" right HERE.

What Is Wise?

Jesus taught His friends how they could be wise. We could all use a little wisdom!

The Beatitudes

Let's think about things that are BIG and things that are tiny as we learn from Jesus.


Why Worry?

Today Jesus talks about worry and what you can do instead!

Jesus Tells Stories

Jesus Tells Stories

Jesus loved telling stories. Let's see what we can learn from Him today!

The Great Banquet

Today Jesus teaches us a bit about responding to God's special invitation!

Want to print your OWN special invitation from Jesus? Click here for a printable version.

The Sower

What does the good news of the kingdom have to do with farming? Let's ponder that today (plus a yummy snack).

The Pearl

Jesus teaches about searching for something special in our story this week!


Search for something special YOURSELF with the printable activity sheets found HERE!

The Prodigal Son

Our story today teaches about a very special father's love.

You can find a printable craft that goes with this video HERE!

Jesus Meets His Friends

Let's see what we can learn when Jesus meets new friends in the following stories!


What will these fishermen decide to do after they meet Jesus? Let's find out!

A Woman at a Well

How does it feel to be empty? How does it feel to be full? Let's think about it in our story today.

A Pharisee

Another dinner party for Jesus? Let's see what happens this time!

A Tax Collector

Inside and out...they can look VERY different! Let's think about it with this sweet treat!

The Children

Jesus meets some VERY special people in our story today!

Two Sisters

Let's think about being busy and being still. Which do you like better?

A Widow

What does God value? What does God need? Let's think about it in our story today!


Today Jesus invites Himself over for dinner. What would YOU do?

Let's Pray Together

Join us in prayer with the videos below.

Our Bedtime prayers are a prayer called the Examen. That may sound fancy, but it's not really. Anyone can pray like this!

For a printable guide to this prayer for all ages, click here.

Bedtime wind-down and prayer

Sing along with CPC

Guided prayer for families

Pray with us!
This is our version of the Lord's Prayer

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