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This Month...

Each month we explore a different Bible story. Revisiting the story and exploring it in different ways allows us to dive deep and learn more.


Jesus Feeds 5000

Did you know that this story is told in all four gospels? It must be pretty important, don't ya' think. We will learn what a miracle is, why bread is so important and think about what it feels like to be full!


Adam and Eve

Adam and Eve have an important choice to make. Let's see what it is!


The Fruit of the Spirit

Paul was a man who loved Jesus and had lots to write about! Let's learn about what he had to say to the friends of Jesus in Galatia.


Moses and the Burning Bush

Moses finds something unexpected! Let's learn about it together.


Breakfast On The Beach

Peter may have messed up in our story last week, but in this month's story, Jesus is serving him breakfast. Do you ever eat fish for breakfast?


Peter Fails Three Times

This month we are really looking forward this month to some special celebrations! But first, we are learning from this special story about a time when Peter needed forgiveness.


Jesus Walks On Water

Jesus can do things that Peter can't do. Why is that?! This month we will take a deep dive into a story about Jesus walking on the water.


The Prodigal Son

What is a prodigal? It might not mean exactly what you think it does! Let's think about God's prodigal love this month! PLUS - you can download and print the heart mobiles strip for yourself.


Psalm 23

This most loved Psalm tells all about how special God's love for us is AND how it is active in our lives. Let's think about what that might mean to us this month.


Shepherds Hear the Good News

These shepherds were some of the first people to hear the Good News about Jesus. What a special miracle!


Jesus Heals 10 Men

While exploring this AMAZING story from the Gospel of Luke we will learn about grace and gratitude. A day of thanksgiving is lots of fun, but what might a life of thanksgiving look like?


Jesus Raises Lazarus

Our story this month is from the book of John and tells about another AMAZING miracle. There are lots of good questions we can ask as we learn from this story. PLUS - there is a special project that you can try together at home!

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